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Why Alkojak?

Alkojak has introduced a unique contractual course that allows the tenant to decide the time period they intent to stay, Our exclusive properties offer all inclusive accommodation, that discounts stress for the new expet and provision every right to enjoy living without any delay,
Alkojak has introduced hyperresponsive maintenance team that helps our tenants to have smooth correction of the technical problems
Alkojak has a far site of experience that begins with the core of the facility to the finished and furnished units in a very short period of time.
Alkojak offers housing Accommodation all over Abu Dhabi from corniche to khalifa city and al nahyan it shows out level of commitment to Facilitate our valuable clients

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Alkojak believes in transparacy and our clients satisfaction if our utmost priority,
al kojak is offering furnished accommodation on monthly as well as yearly options consideration the desire of our audience, we offer all inclusive units that allow our clients to make quick and easy decision in terms of move in, following are the point to note:
– monthly payment option with no commitments and a one month notice to evacuate for any reason that results in no penalties and no forced stay
– utilities are inclusive means no need to worries about the bills deadline.
– al kojak properties are unlike hotel accommodation as we offer residential units for families and executives
– clients can stay as long as they want and can evacuate the unit just by giving a month prior notice

How to book an appointment?

Al Kojak aims to offers Stress free Services We have an integrated team approach which ensures to maintains a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with clients.

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We offer: 24 Hours support 7 Days a week 365 days a year You can reach us on our help desk : Sundays to Fridays: From 9am to 6pm Landline: 02 6227 985 2 Dedicated Mobile: 055 722 3991, 055 456 0856 On public holidays & other days